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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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late-night infomercials. now, becky worley puts them to the test. do they really perform as advertised? that's the question we always wonder when we think, maybe i should order that. >> we'll see live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a man dies after an altercation with police. two officers are under investigation. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this friday. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. any more rain in the forecast?
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>> we cannot say the there is no rain, just a few sprinkles here and there through the day and early this morning. there is energy moving through the midwest causing rain in parts of ohio. we could have a few sprinkles after lunch. i have seen a few sprinkles in northern virginia. that cannot be ruled out. partly cloudy and other allies. 30% chance of showers. it is 46 in gaithersburg, 49 in quantico. at this quantico isolated showers possible. a lot of sunshine the next couple days. breezy today into tomorrow. lingering roadwork on the inner loop through alexandria. the wilson bridge to springfield, construction and trucking two lanes at telegraph road. 95 from the beltway, there's
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construction. northbound looks good alice fredericksburg and towards springfield to the airports, everything is clear. the beltway looks good. this is at new hampshire avenue on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. montgomery county police investigate the mysterious death. >> the man died after officers used a taser to subdue him. the apartment complex in white oak. courtney robinson has the story. >> good morning. two officers are on leave right now. montgomery county police investigate this. on sunday they got a call from a resident at the apartment, saying that a 65-year-old man appeared to be on drugs and was acting suspiciously.
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officers did have to use force. they used pepper spray and a taser to subdue the man. ali was rushed to the hospital. paramedics worked on him 20 minutes. he passed away early yesterday morning. the officers on leave while they tried to figure of the man's medical history. back to you. >> thank you. turning to the latest on the serial burglaries. a public meeting was held last night. he targets clusters of single- family houses and is focusing on purses and wallets. >> we have notes physical description. >> arkansas neighbourhood is very much concerned. >> fairfax county police have formed a task force to catch the
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serial burglar. they believe the same person targeted prince william county houses. funeral services will be held for a young woman who died after being hit by a car in dupont circle last week. a drunk driver hit the 24-year- old ryan as she was getting vowel with of her vehicle on connecticut. at the bethel assembly of god church is where the funeral will be at 11:00. one of two pedestrians struck and killed in bethesda, they were hit when they tried to cross rockville pike early sunday morning. there funeral is at 10:00 a.m. in silver spring, one of them and the other one is tomorrow in silver spring. >> details about the miracle at the mine. the chilean miners are doing remarkably well after being
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trapped underground more than two months. emily schmidt has the latest. >> one of them a found a way to avoid attention. a parade in front of the hospital distracted supporters and the - list of the back door .- slipped abouout spirits were visibly higher. doctors say the miners are progressing very well. one of them had pneumonia and other needed dental work, but none of them had severe problems. dealing now with the memories of two months underground. one of them says that he learned to pray. the only journalist to speak
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with them says there was disagreement and despair in the early days. >> some people wanted to try to climb out and others wanted to stay where there were. >> they are getting a job offers fts.discountgi they are celebrities. >> whatever they get out of this, it is not enough to replace all of those weeks. >> most of them should be able to go back home by the weekend. president obama offered his congratulations on the rescue. he told the chilean president that it was a tribute to the determination of the rescuers, the chilean government, and the miners. friday morning, 60 degrees.
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still ahead, in time for halloween, we will take a trip across one of vowel scariest bridges. the next step in the fight over equal rights in the military. a windy and cold day on tap.
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welcome back.
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time for traffic and weather. let's find out how things are shaping up for the weekend. we got the rain out of here. >> still a few showers possible today, isolated in nature, a few sprinkles mainly. it is: it. 47 in bali. -- in bowie. 48 in the district. we expect a fair amount of sunshine, partly cloudy, isolated sprinkles, 30% chance, but becoming breezy with the gusty wind aout of the west. breezy through tonight and tomorrow. on the weekend, in the 60's to mid 70's with sunshine. still in the 60's next week with a chance of showers by tuesday. glad you are joining us. everything is great toward the
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beltway. inner loop near telegraph road, langevin will work, a traffic getting by relatively unscathed to the right. 270 side at 121. a good father south at shady grove. looks fine at montross. the beltway at 270 on the screen. back to you. >> thank you. 50 degrees outside. >> coming up on this friday, more fireworks for the maryland dadullah turrell candidates. >> i was proud to see the airforce setting that we need to comply. >> the pentagon makes a decision comply. >> the pentagon makes a decision
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welcome back. in our top stories, two montgomery county police officers are on leave after the death of the man they had tasered. ali resisted as officers tried to escort him from the white oak apartment complex on sunday. they tased him and pepper sprayed him and he stopped breathing. three of the 33 men rescued
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from the chilean mine have been released from the hospital. the others are doing very well. one of them has pneumonia and other needs dundalk, but none of them have severe problems. obama and biden will be in delaware today to rally support for chris koons. koons faces christine o'donnell. just as to promise officials will appeal a court ruling that would end the u.s. military "don't ask, don't tell" policy. one of the plaintiffs is speaking. now the story. two days after the "don't ask, don't tell" policy would continue, the obama administration urged the judge to let the military continue its ban on gays serving openly as the appeals process plays out. later the president was challenged on whether he remains
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committed. >> i think that people are born with a certain make up and we are all children of god. we don't make determinations about who we love. >> the pentagon says that the military will help enforcement. >> i am proud to see the laforce bowing out of its way to say that we need to comply with the the ruling. >> this man was discharged eight years ago. 65,000 gay u.s. service members on a roller-coaster. >> there is panic, not knowing what is going to happen next but they will do to you. >> he's urging others not to come out. >> they should operate as if nothing has changed.
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>> while the president said suddenly ending the ban would be disruptive, he says it is up to congress to repeal it and he believes the voters are there to do it. a spirited debate in one of the nation's most hotly contested senate races. harry reid and republican challenger sharon and rosecroft off in their debate last night. taxes, immigration, social security, and jobs. nevada has the highest unemployment rates in the nation. >> my number one job is to create jobs. that is why i worked hard to do that. >> he has voted 300 times to raise taxes. he voted for public policy like stimulus and bailouts and voted for unconstitutional bills like obamacare.
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>> harry reid is seeking his fifth term in office. sharon angle has the support of the tea party. they are running neck-and-neck. fireworks in the battle over maryland. martin o'malley and bob ehrlich are claiming victory after their debates. they targeted each other's credibility. one hot topic was taxes. bob ehrlich says that he would roll back the sales tax that was instituted during the o'malley administration. >> i don't believe we are going to lose that much money and people will consume more. >> he has no idea. but they argued over the purple line transit's plan. bob ehrlich supports a bus line. a number of d.c. residents questioned vincent gray on the
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departure of school chancellor michelle rhee. vincent gray and michelle rhee mutual agreed to that she would leave at the end of the month. henderson will serve as chancellor on an interim basis. michelle rhee is talking about her future. she appeared on "good morning america" yesterday. she addressed the questions of whether d.c. school reform initiatives can make progress without her. >> they have the capacity to cariaga to the plans we have developed. it is about the community support and the the political will. >> you looking for a job where she can have an impact on children and she might want to move closer to sacramento where her fiance is mayor. we will hear from drivers
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crossing the bay bridge on a daily basis. another check on traffic and weather every ten mi
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>> welcome back. 4:52. we have made to friday. >> we have. >> 60 degrees. >> its going to be a nice day according to adam caskey. >> yes, it is. we had a beneficial rainfall
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yesterday, over an inch in many locations. we could have a few sprinkles today, mainly isolated. it will be breezy and partly cloudy. 52 at reagan national right now, 46 in gaithersburg, 49 in quantico, 50 in frederick. temperatures will drop a few more degrees before the sun comes up at 7:00 or so. partly cloudy conditions. mid 60's. west winds at 15-20 with higher gusts. a few sprinkles. we cannot rule them out because of the upper level energy. clear skies tonight, low 40's west of the metro area. mid to upper 40's downtown. the weekend looks great. it will still be breezy saturday with a lot of sunshine in the '60s. near 79 on sunday with much
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lighter and pinned by saturday evening. now to lisa baden with the commute. looks just like friday morning. everything looks very quiet. let's take you to the beltway across the wilson bridge, moving nicely. and new hampshire avenue, no troubles. the beltway at kenilworth avenue looks fine. nothing in montgomery county or at connecticut avenue or old georgetown road. 270 looks fine. most of the traffic is southbound, moving at speed in clarksburg. back to you. >> thank you. 50 degrees outside. 4:54
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>> gilbert arenas will go into the locker room and the trainer will explain things further. >> another injury for gilbert arenas. he did not return after the first quarter. we will have much more on him coming up in the next hour. bay bridge is a gateway to a fun filled beach trips for many. for others, there is no fun. >> of travel magazine has verified that it is one of the
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scariest place is in the world. >> it is notorious for summer traffic tieups. the bay bridge is gaining fame for something many locals have known for years. it has been named one of the scariest bridges in the world at 186 feet high and more than four miles long, it strikes fear in the hearts of drivers'. >> i'm afraid to go across the lake. eyes.lotheslines eyse my >> if you are scared of the bay bridge, going across this russian railway bridge that is 50 feet above water and barely wide enough to drive on. so many people here don't like crossing this spam.
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>> there are so many accidents on its. >> ulocal adelgid and the you could fall over. >> i had two young bull is when i first drove over it and they were very quiet because they knew their mother was petrified. >> this man has seen just about anything. >> one man wanted me to put him in the top of my car and i told him that was against the law. >> that says something that you would rather be in the trunk. >> you could close your eyes. there's a lot more in the next half hour. >> still ahead on this friday, new questions about the man's death in montgomery county after officers used a taser to subdue him. into the s


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